Small Business Capital Projects Grant Program

The Small Business Capital Projects Grant program provides one-time, project related, financial assistance on a reimbursement basis, to encourage the growth and retention of existing Westminster businesses. Seventeen grants were awarded to Capital Grant applicants in 2016.

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Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck – $5,000 Grant Award

This automotive repair shop completed a major remodel to remove unused office space to make room for a new employee break room and additional repair bays. The $234,438 expansion resulted in the addition of 3 new jobs. This grant was originally applied for in the fall of 2015 but not completed until June, 2016 with final payment made and receipts not submitted until October, 2016. This is an example of a large capital project expenditure that needed additional time to fully pay for project.

Pickering’s Auto Service – $5,000 Grant Award

Building improvements – Concrete work to create better drainage and make room for additional lifts. The project included moving an existing lift and a purchase of 3 additional new lifts and installation costs. Increase in lifts added 2 new mechanic positions – Total project cost $52,086.

Wagner Optometry, PC dba Family Vision Center – $5,000 Grant Award

This business grant funded the purchase of automated equipment for evaluating the internal structures of the anterior and posterior of the eye. This $61,400 new equipment purchase improves their efficiency and ability to service patients in a more accurate and timely manner.

Mirror on the Wall dba The Yacht Club Salon – $871.00 Grant Award

This salon upgraded their HVAC to a more efficient model in an effort to reduce summer cooling expenses. Total new equipment purchase of $8,714.

US Western Investment Company – $5,000 Grant Award

This company manages and owns several building in the office park off of Yates Drive. The grant funded replacement of the siding at 8671 Wolff Ct, improving the appearance of the building, which is highly visible to traffic heading West on I-36. Total cost of the project was $125,000

Debbie Brundage Agency LLC – $1,903.22 Grant Award

This long-standing Westminster Company made a variety of repairs and upgrades to their office space including an AC and furnace replacement, electrical upgrades, repair and sealant to the parking lot as well as a new computer and printer and exterior windscreen to their building.

Goody’s Eatery – $1951.71 Grant Award

Goody’s Eatery invested in exterior upgrades to their business in repaving of their parking lot and relocating their trash dumpster to a location further away from the building. This created greater accessibility for their customers and improved appearance for the adjacent apartments.

Chiropractic of North Denver – $441.60 Grant Award

This business purchased a new electronic stimulation ultrasound machine for patient treatment. This was an upgrade for a piece of equipment that was technologically outdated and not portable. Total equipment cost of $4,446.

Ceremony Holistic Health Center – $2,516.35 Grant Award

This grant funded business start-up expenses, including build-out of yoga studio and lobby areas, flooring, lighting and aesthetic interior building improvements and business operation equipment (I-pad POS system). Total project cost of $29,170.

DaVinci Institute – Total Grant Award – $5,000 Grant Award

DaVinci Institute moved into Westminster in 2016. They used their grant to pay for some build out expenses and mostly for furnishing and some computer equipment for their co-working spaces and classrooms. They provide furnished office to each of their tenants, so must outfit each office as it is leased. Their costs were spread over the course of the first 8 months of the year. They now have 26 different companies within their co-working space with 67 employees throughout. Total cost of the project was $52,711.

Serpentix Conveyor Corporation – $5,000 Grant Award

Serpentix used their grant award to pay for two individual pieces of machinery, one used to flatten and one used buff the coasting of the metal sections used to make their conveyor systems. These were large equipment purchases totaling $56,365. The owner stated that this grant helped them offset some of the expense they pay in sales tax for purchase of their manufacturing equipment.