Living Here

The Best of Everything

Every place says it, but it really is true in Westminster. We have our sights set on becoming the next urban center of the Colorado Front Range.

With that brings new amenities and opportunities for our residents and businesses to enjoy. We have national retail chains, local boutiques, a charming historical center, and all kinds of options for dining and entertainment.

Our City vision has us taking a more urban approach to some of our new growth, while still maintaining more than 30% of our land for open space, parks and recreation. You really can have it all.



Westminster is undergoing a transportation transformation.  RTD’s B Line connects Westminster Station to Denver Union Station in a mere 15 minutes. Couple that with rapid bus transit, and other multi-modal initiatives, we are ensuring our community is convenient, accessible and connected.

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Vibrant and Inclusive

Like the rest of the Metro Denver area, Westminster is a community that is growing. We are taking a thoughtful approach to growth and ensuring that there are options throughout the city that appeal to our diverse population. We are also taking steps to look at housing options that are within reach for all.

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Wide Open Spaces

With 60+ parks located throughout the city, each Westminster resident has a park located within a half mile of their home. Dog parks, community gardens, playgrounds – there’s space and a place for everyone.  If you like higher altitudes, head west a couple of hours – the Rocky Mountains are right in our backyard.

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Bike and Hike

The city’s trails system provides an alternate means of transportation, and with bike share stations popping up throughout the city, there’s no excuse to not explore more of Westminster. Commuting Solutions has an interactive bicycle map to help you get around the Front Range area.

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Diverse City

Westminster won 2nd place in the National League of Cities’ 2017 Cultural Diversity Awards for the development of the Westminster Inclusivity Board and the innovation they bring to the community.