Harris Park Area Plan

Project Overview

The City has contracted with urban design consultants from Winter & Company to produce a grass-roots, implementation-oriented plan that will hone in on a vision for the future of the neighborhood. The Plan will directly inform the ongoing major update to the city’s comprehensive land use plan and development code re-write.

Community input was gathered to identify specific infrastructure and development needs. A focus group, consisting of local business and resident stakeholders, were tasked with helping to identify the community’s unique assets and challenges. The focus group will ensure that the final product lays out a practical, neighborhood-supported approach that builds upon the vitality of the Harris Park Area community. 

In addition to the focus group sessions, two community workshops took place, allowing the greater Westminster community to provide input.  Additional opportunities for public comment will be made available throughout the public outreach process.

View PDF of presentation on Harris Park Community Vision Plan Progress Update: CC Study Session Presentation

Harris Park Parking Study

Parking has been a standing concern from Harris Park business owners and residents for some time. To best address these concerns, the City has hired a third-party consultant to analyze current parking conditions, potential future conditions and if needed, possible solutions.

Harris Park Area Plan vs. Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan (both current and in the draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan) provides only broad guidance for development across the city.  For example, the existing Comprehensive Plan contains one policy statement related to the fabric of Harris Park: “Allow the Harris Park neighborhood between Lowell and Bradburn boulevards and 72nd Avenue to just north of 73rd Avenue to become a mixed‐use, traditional, small‐scaled neighborhood that retains the historic and cultural identity and allows for greater flexibility for property owners to create a rich and vital district with a range of commercial and residential uses (LU-P-38).”

 The Harris Park Community Vision Plan is intended to greatly expand on this general guidance by incorporating context-specific provisions for the future planning and design of private and public investments in the neighborhood. Knowing that there will be future demand for development due to proximity to Westminster Station, as well as a high level of access to other locations in the Denver Metro area, advance planning is needed at the neighborhood scale to ensure uses and scales are appropriately transitioned to the unique character of Harris Park.

The feedback gathered from this fourth Community Workshop will provide the opportunity to further refine the draft Vision Plan to ensure it accurately reflects the community’s vision for the future—one that balances future development with sensitivities to neighborhood scale, identifies desired uses and activities, and establishes design patterns specific to this cherished  neighborhood and complements other city initiatives for Historic Westminster.

Harris Park Area History

Located roughly between 72nd Ave. and 80th Ave., from Lowell Blvd. to the BNSF rail line, the Harris Park neighborhood forms the very origin of the City of Westminster.  Following the construction of the railway in 1881, the area soon became covered by apple and cherry orchards, creating a green oasis on the dry plains.

In 1911, the town of Harris voted to incorporate as the town of Westminster and continued to grow into one of the largest orchard centers in the country.  With the housing boomed following World War II and the construction of the Denver-Boulder Turnpike, the Harris Park neighborhood continued to thrive. 

Although Westminster is now a major suburban center in the Denver area, Harris Park serves as a reminder of the city’s historic origins along the railway line.

Community Outreach Workshops

Focus Groups

The focus group consists of local business and resident stakeholders tasked with helping to identify the community’s unique assets and challenges. The focus group will meet several times throughout the project to ensure that the final product lays out a practical, neighborhood-supported approach that builds upon the vitality of the Harris Park community.

Focus Group #1 Summary Focus Group #2 Summary

Contact Information


For development/redevelopment opportunities:

Stephanie Troller, Business Development Manager

Economic Development Department

stroller@cityofwestminster.us  or 303-658-2318


For Harris Park Area Plan inquiries:

Nathan Lawrence, Senior Planner

Community Development Department

nlawrence@cityofwestminster.us  or 303-658-2099