City Council recently passed a resolution requiring all people above age three, who are medically able, to wear a non-medical cloth face covering outside of their household, including at local businesses. In addition, they authorized funding for the city to buy cloth face coverings to give to local businesses for customers who may come into their story without one.

The city purchased 30,000 cloth face coverings and distributed them to city business owners. On Wednesday, May 27, at the City Park Recreation Center and on Thursday, May 28, at the Swim and Fitness Center business owners picked up over 20,000 face coverings using a drive-thru system.

They also received signs to post at their entrances to let customers know that they are open for business, taking precautions, and requiring face coverings, in order to enter their business.

“This is a tough time for all of us. We will get through it and knowing the city is here to support us means a lot. Thank you!” said one business owner.

As state and county public health orders shift to allow more public interaction, retailers and other businesses will be engaging more with customers and employees in person. However, public safety will remain a top goal of the city

“Good health policy also translates into good economic health policy, as our local businesses help their customers feel more comfortable about shopping in their place of business,” said Economic Development Director John Hall.