Garrett Brown Designs, located at 3240 W 71st Ave. #4, specializes in innovative custom furniture and millwork. We spoke with Chief Operations Officer Candy Karter to learn more about the business.

Tell us about your business and who your customers are: 

Candy Karter (CK): We have been in operation for more than 10 years, and we are always pushing the boundaries of design and engineering to deliver exceptional products to our clients. Our customers are typically design firms and commercial general contractors since the bulk of our work is installed in commercial spaces for clients who seek unique and cutting-edge design solutions to enhance their products or bring new ideas to life.

What makes your business unique?

(CK): What sets Garrett Brown Designs apart is our commitment to pushing the limits of creativity and functionality. We believe that great design goes beyond aesthetics and should seamlessly integrate with user experience. We combine our expertise in fabrication, industrial design, and human-centered design principles to create products that not only look stunning but also provide practical and intuitive user experiences.

Why have you chosen Westminster? 

(CK): Our decision to establish and continue operating in Westminster stems from a combination of factors. Westminster is a thriving business community with a supportive infrastructure for design and innovation. It offers a favorable environment for collaboration, access to skilled talent, and a vibrant network of suppliers and manufacturers. Additionally, Westminster’s strategic location provides convenient access to major markets and transportation hubs, enabling us to serve our clients efficiently.

You’ve received some awards and recognition for your work, what were they for? 

(CK): We take great pride in the recognition and awards we have received for our products and work. Our designs have been honored with several prestigious industry awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, IDEA Award, and Good Design Award. These accolades validate our commitment to excellence and our ability to create products that stand out in terms of both design and functionality.

Which direction is your business heading and what’s on the horizon? 

(CK): Looking ahead, our business is thrilled to embark on a series of local projects, marking a significant shift as the majority of our major endeavors this year are concentrated in Colorado. This concentration of projects within our home state is a source of great pride for us, as it allows us to showcase our exceptional millwork and create memorable spaces that resonate with our friends and family.

You were recently awarded a Capital Improvement Grant by the City of Westminster to assist with the transition into your new space; how did this grant help your business? 

(CK): This grant has had a profound impact on our business, driving significant improvements and expansion. The grant funds were utilized to acquire a state-of-the-art dust collection system, addressing a critical need in our manufacturing processes. This system ensures a cleaner and healthier work environment for our team while also improving the overall efficiency and quality of our production. Additionally, the grant supported the implementation of new electrical work and ducting, enabling us to seamlessly transition into our expanded space and accommodate our growing design and production capabilities.

The impact of this grant on our business has been transformative. The enhanced infrastructure has streamlined our operations, allowing us to work more efficiently and effectively. This, in turn, has enabled us to take on larger projects, collaborate with a broader range of clients, and deliver even higher-quality products and services. Furthermore, the expanded workspace provides us with the necessary room to foster innovation, promote teamwork, and continue pushing the boundaries of design.

We are incredibly grateful to the City of Westminster for their support and recognition of our business. This grant has not only bolstered our capabilities but has also reinforced our commitment to the local community and our dedication to contributing to the economic growth and success of Westminster.

With our eyes set on the future, we are excited to continue pushing boundaries, embracing emerging technologies, and delivering outstanding design solutions to our valued clients.

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