Isotec Security, located at 1130 W. 124th Ave., Suite 600, is a security products integrations company with manufacturing, engineering, software, and product development core competencies. In other words, Isotec designs and builds security systems to protect against threats. We spoke with CEO David Barnes and his team to learn more about the critical services the business provides, how their products are trusted at the federal level in Washington, D.C., and how the business launched to success in Westminster.

What can you tell us about your business?

Isotec Security (IS): Isotec Security was founded in 2008. We’re proud to have more than tripled in size, growing from five employees to 17, all while within the City of Westminster. Our bread-and-butter products are both standard and customized safety entrances, also known as mantraps. Our products’ primary function is to stop guns and other types of contraband from entering a building. The fastest-growing segment of our business is mass casualty threat detection and prevention.

Who are your customers? 

IS: In addition to serving banks, hospitals, schools, and municipal facilities, we’re a sole source provider to federal agencies, which includes, but is not limited to, the Departments of Defense, Energy, and Homeland Security.

What makes your business unique?

IS: We’re a small company that does big things. We believe our ability to satisfy the demanding security needs of our diverse client base is what makes us unique. As an example, we protect the people who protect the President, along with our children in schools. Both have unique security needs, and both get the same amount of care and attention to their distinct safety requirements. We’re subject matter experts on providing risk-appropriate security for any situation.

You’ve recently received some awards, what were they for?

IS: Isotec is a certified ISO 9001: 2015 Certified company. We just completed and passed our second audit. “ISO” is an internationally recognized standard for quality, consistency, and safety. Being certified is a recognition to businesses and clients alike that Isotec can and will deliver on the promises we make. This is especially important because the promises we make are to protect our clients from those wishing to do them harm.

Why did you choose Westminster? 

IS: We chose Westminster and Colorado as home, for two reasons. The first is that the City has supported our efforts to improve and grow. We’ve come to know one another, and Westminster supports us. The second reason is that people from all the City’s departments empathize with a small company’s challenges. As an example, the City stepped up during the Covid pandemic with financial and logistical support for us. We were deemed an essential business and had the ability to maintain operations, while companies in other communities had to shut down. If not for the City’s efforts and financial grants, we would not have survived.

Which direction is your business heading and what’s on the horizon? 

IS: Along with the upward general security trend, our growth continues. We believe mass casualty threat detection and our innovations for rapid screening through our security products will be important for us in 2023 and beyond. Our reputation for ingenuity, innovation, and execution assures our clients that we can deliver as promised. We have shown this commitment throughout our history and plan to keep this promise.

Isotec was recently awarded a Job Training Incentive Grant and a Capital Improvement Grant by the City of Westminster. The Job Training Incentive Grant was used to cover on-the-job training costs associated with hiring a new employee, and the Capital Improvement Grant was used to assist with the purchase of a new milling machine.