Westminster Station TOD has been selected as one of three finalists in ULI Colorado’s 2017 Impact Awardsin the “Inspire” category.

The City of Westminster has worked diligently with its partners for over 8 years to ensure the rail station, and its supporting infrastructure, support the revitalization of the surrounding neighborhood.  Multiple projects at the site have played a role in activating the station area, include building the station platform, a parking garage, Westminster Station Drive, a plaza north of the platform, a regional park, and a drainage system along Little Dry Creek.

The award, which will be announced on April 6th, is for a public project that inspires the community, spurs additional development and linkages, and has a lasting impact on the public realm including transit projects, greenway/trail systems, parks, and other public spaces. The project must be submitted by a public entity and at least partially funded by public funds.  Selection criteria include the following:

  • ​​​​​Fulfills an existing need within the community
  • Project has a multiplier effect on the surrounding community creating opportunity for further positive impact
  • Demonstrates a good use of taxpayer funds 
  • Identify in measurable terms the direct benefit to the community
  • Includes sustainable preservation or enhancement of environmental resources
  • Creates opportunity for programming available to the public