The WestyRISE and DINE Business Grant will aid local restaurants and bars which have had a decline in sales due to previous public health orders and which may also wish to expand their operations under the new guidelines.

Applicants who already received funds from the WestyRISE Business Grant WILL BE eligible for the WestyRISE and DINE Business Grant and are welcome to apply.

This grant program will provide qualifying businesses a one-time grant for eligible costs up to $10,000. Eligible costs include:

  • (i) monthly rental and mortgage obligations
  • (ii) the cost of the purchase or rental of equipment and supplies needed to expand dining services, and/or
  • (iii) the cost to build temporary or permanent structures needed to maintain safe social distancing practices

The $10,000 maximum grant award can be applied to eligible costs for one or a combination of the three categories.

Program Description:

The City will commit $500,000 to the WestyRISE and DINE Business Grant for qualifying restaurants and bars to:

  • Satisfy monthly rental and mortgage payments.
    • The grant program may be applied to monthly rental or mortgage payments due for July 2020.
    • Monthly rental payments eligible for the grant include monthly base rent and any rent related expenses, such as common area maintenance or reimbursements for insurance, utilities, and taxes. Monthly mortgage payments eligible for the grant include principal and interest.
  • Purchase or rent additional equipment and supplies to expand takeout or outdoor dining services. Eligible expenses could include: personal protective equipment (PPE), additional packaging for takeout, tables, chairs, tents, lights, portable heaters or misters, signage, and barricades.
  • Make temporary or permanent modifications needed to promote safe social distancing practices for operations. Eligible expenses could include: the purchase and installation of plexiglass or other like examples.

Business Eligibility:

To qualify for the WestyRISE and DINE Business Grant, a business must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must operate a restaurant or bar with a physical address located within the City of Westminster.
  • Business must have had a reduction in sales due to the public health orders.
  • Business must have been in operation at least six months prior to the application date.
  • Business must be operating and open to the public as of the application date, unless required by a public health order to remain closed.
  • Business must have an active Westminster business license.
  • Businesses with more than one physical location in the City of Westminster may apply for the grant program for multiple locations, however the total award amount may not exceed the $10,000 cap.
  • Business must be in good standing with the Colorado Secretary of State and the City of Westminster as of March 1, 2020. Considerations for good standing for the City of Westminster include outstanding taxes owed to the City of Westminster, outstanding utility bills, and all permits or licenses issued by the City of Westminster being current and active.

Program Process:

  1. Return a completed and signed application to the City of Westminster Economic Development Department.
  2. Provide documented support for eligible expenses, such as:
  3. An executed lease agreement, invoice, or mortgage coupon for monthly rental or mortgage costs
  4. A purchase or rental agreement for equipment, services, or supplies needed to expand dining services
  5. An invoice or written estimate for any temporary or permanent safety modifications needed to provide services
  6. Grants for eligible businesses will be awarded on a first come, first served basis, subject to funding availability. Priority may be given to locally owned businesses and franchises.
  7. Grant awards will be paid directly to the applicant business. Checks will be mailed to the business address listed on the W-9.
  8. Projects must meet the City’s permit requirements and guidelines.
  9. Final grant award decisions will be made by the Director of Economic Development based on criteria and eligibility detailed above.

For questions regarding the WestyRISE and DINE Business Grant, please email us at You may also call 303-658-2108; however, as we are practicing social distancing by working remotely, emails will receive a quicker response.

To apply, click here.