A former NOAA weather forecaster has a new science-focused business coming to Westminster this summer.

KidSpace, a new museum and play area, will open at 6805 W. 88th Ave. in May. Founder Meghan Stockman said the business will teach children up to age 10 science through games and activities.

The 9,650-square-foot building mostly will be dedicated to an indoor play area with printed learning materials on physics, speed and more.

“We can talk about gravity and how does friction affect how fast something moves down a slide,” Stockman said.

The space also will have a small model solar system, a 30-seat planetarium room and a ballistics area to teach children about rockets.

Stockman and husband Roger, who have children ages 5 and 7, wanted to find a way to teach them more about science. Stockman worked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as a weather forecaster before jumping in full time with KidSpace.

“We really wanted to see our kids learning at the same time they were playing,” she said. “A lot of adults like space stuff as much as kids.”

The Stockmans leased the Westminster space for five years and invested nearly $1 million in renovations. They received some of the funds through an SBA loan with US Bank. Pine Construction in Boulder is the general contractor.

Once KidSpace opens, tickets will cost about $10, Stockman said. It will have rooms to rent for private events and parties.

Stockman said she decided on a for-profit model for the business because she wanted to be flexible with student programming.

“Our whole idea is to try to push ourselves to figure out new ways to teach kids that might not necessarily get it when they see it on the chalkboard. They want to be able feel it,” she said. “We don’t want any restrictions.”