In Colorado’s seventh largest city, something has been missing for years and years.

But piece-by-piece, a new downtown Westminster is quickly coming to life.

The city is working to turn the old Westminster Mall site into a real downtown, complete with parks, shops, and housing.

“This is the hub of activity for the future,” says Real Estate and Development Manager Sarah Nurmela.

The $50M+ project has been in the works for nearly a decade, with phase one set to open this September.

The constant construction has been catching the attention of nearby business owners like Nhu Tran. Tran owns an alterations shop just across the street.

“I look every day, and every day it’s changing,” she says. “I think it’s going to bring a lot of business for me.”

While most cities start with a downtown, and build out from there, Westminster simply never had one.

City leaders saw the aging Westminster Mall as a golden opportunity to create something special.

“That was the turning point when the city started to say, OK, what’s the next step for this site?” says Nurmela. “And that was the birth of downtown.”

It could be more than a decade before the entire project is finished.

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