We’ve all seen the headlines over the last year: “The Great Resignation” and “National Labor Shortage.” Businesses often express concerns about the cost and availability of a skilled workforce, and these concerns have only amplified during the pandemic. In many cases, there are plenty of candidates seeking work, however their qualifications don’t exactly match the needs of the job, and some training may be required.

In response to these concerns – and in support of our Westminster businesses – the City is launching the Job Training Incentive Grant (JTIG) program. The grant will reimburse three types of training costs:

  1. Custom classroom training at a public educational institution
  2. Structured on-the-job (OTJ) training
  3. Or a combination of classroom training and OJT

The goal is to help fill this need for our local businesses, while also providing opportunities for our residents and recent graduates seeking work. That’s because companies that hire trainees who have graduated within the past twelve months from a Westminster high school, local trade school, community college, or hire a high school intern will be eligible for additional grant funds.

“This sounds like a very helpful program,” said Matt Wassum, with The Hunter Company in Westminster. “This will allow us to hire more, when we may not have been able to otherwise.”

The Hunter Company has been making high-quality leather products for range riders, border patrol, local government officials, and cowboys across the country since 1952. Their products are made by a team of talented craftspeople and require a workforce with specialized qualifications. The Job Training Incentive Grant will help defray the costs of training their new employees and getting them any necessary skills.

In order to promote targeted career pathways and economic resiliency, this program is intended to support our local businesses within the following industry sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology and innovation
  • Financial services
  • Aerospace/defense
  • Business support services

To see an overview of the workforce development and training resources available, please view our Workforce Development Matrix.

To view the criteria, eligibility and application process for the Job Training Incentive Grant program, click here.  Applications open February 28, 2022.