Five Westminster businesses were recognized by Mayor Seitz, Mayor Pro Tem DeMott, and the Sustainability Office for their outstanding achievements in sustainability business operations and community impact. On Monday, May 24th, the Butterfly Pavilion, Snooze AM Eatery, Vestar, Premier Members Credit Union, and Applegate Inc. officially became SAGE Certified.

To become certified, each business completed a checklist of sector specific best practices. These measures, organized into six categories (general, energy, water, waste, transportation, and community) guided each business through actions that reduce their operating costs, save resources, and improve staff and customer experience.

Moreover, each business uniquely exemplifies excellence through the following:

Applegate: The office has gone almost completely paperless and uses virtual documentation. Staff are also dedicated to reducing waste and use all reusable kitchen supplies and recycle any additional waste. Last, Applegate is a leader in low-carbon commuting as employees use VanGO, a vanpool service, bike, and telework.

Butterfly Pavilion: The Butterfly Pavilion is an environmental steward not only in their educational programming, but in their operations. Their employee “Green Team” works on projects that benefit visitor experience, the native flora and fauna, and their bottom-line. For example, the Pavilion is unifying their waste bins and signage, maintains low-water landscaping, and has completed the certification for the State of Colorado’s Environmental Leadership Program (ELP).

Vestar: Community benefit is at the heart of Vestar’s operations. Vestar sponsors community organizations such as Precious Child, the Mark Junior Fund, and Food for Hope. Employees also support local events such as Bike to Work Day and paper shredding. In addition, Vestar employees serve on the board for the nearby St. Anthonys Hospital.

Premier Members Credit Union (PMCU): Sustainability is infused into the ethos of PMCU. This financial institution takes accounting to the next level as they measure, track, and work to reduce their environmental footprint from energy and water consumption to waste and transportation. Exemplary actions include the installation of energy efficient equipment, sourcing of renewable energy, and the curation of a three-bin waste system.

Snooze AM Eatery: Everything on one’s plate at Snooze has gone through a rigorous procurement analysis and impact study. The “Snooze Approved Food” standards ensure that all sourced items are not only tasty, but beneficial for animals, humans, and made by companies with a positive ethos and culture. What’s more is that Snooze diverts over 80% of their waste from the landfill through savvy purchasing, composting, recycling, and donation.

The SAGE certification is a cornerstone of the City of Westminster’s recently launched SAGE (Save. Act. Grow. Earn) Sustainable Business Program. SAGE helps businesses save money, conserve resources, and support the local community through connection with funds, expertise, services, and networks. Participating businesses illustrate that good business benefits their bottom-line, the wellbeing of employees and the community, and the environment. To learn more, visit the SAGE website or to schedule a business advising session, email: