Effective Jan. 1, 2021, cigarettes are no longer exempt from City of Westminster sales tax.  All sales of cigarettes are required to include the city sales tax rate of 3.85% and must be reported and remitted with the retailer’s city tax returns.

Every person engaged in business in Westminster must comply with the city’s licensing and tax laws. All businesses must apply for a Westminster Business and/or Sales and Use Tax License. The licenses required depend on what the business will be doing in the city. Business licensing is handled by the City Clerk’s Office. Westminster also administers and collects its own local taxes. The Sales Tax Division administers all provisions of the Westminster Municipal Code pertaining to taxation. The division processes tax receipts, handles tax inquiries, collects delinquent taxes, and conducts audits of businesses.

Westminster tax and licensing laws may differ from those of other local governments and from the State of Colorado. The following pages include information that will be helpful to businesses seeking to understand the city’s tax and licensing requirements.

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If at any time you have comments, concerns or suggestions, please contact the Sales Tax Division as follows:

City of Westminster
Sales Tax Division
4800 W. 92nd Ave.
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Office: 303-658-2065
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E-mail: salestax@cityofwestminster.us

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